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Configure your tags and choose which service you want to add to them.


With the configurator, you can design your tag online and submit your design. You get delivered promptly and can follow your delivery on-line. No surprise: What you see is what you get.


With SOSLostPets, we add extra extra service to the traditional rabies tags. We help reunite lost pets and their owner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discover SOSLostPets now!

What's in the package

No hidden cost, the standard package you get contains the tag and its 15mm ring attachment. Tags are delivered by the 100s in a band of easily detachable plastic cells.


Pick your tag template and design it to your needs.
Free Shipping on orders over $500

  • US $0.5 FOR 1000 UNITS In Stock

    This version includes the soslostpets service,.. read more below...

    US $0.5 FOR 1000 UNITS
    In Stock
  • US $0.45 FOR 1000 UNITS In Stock

    2018 rabies tags should have an oval shape, ... read more below...

    $0.45 FOR 1000 UNITS
    In Stock
  • US $0.50 FOR 10000 UNITS In Stock

    You can design the front of your tag (upload your own logo, write your text and leave it to us to put together the best design) The back of the tag is printed with a dynamic QR code. You customer can create his or her own pet's microsite on soslostpets.com

    US $0.50 FOR 10000 UNITS
    In Stock
  • US $0.50 FOR 2000 UNITS In Stock

    Design your own tag!Front side: You can design the front of your tag by selecting suggested pictures, illustrations or logos in black and white.Write your own text using any of the fonts we have selected for you. You can rotate the text. increase the size of the font...Back side: The back of the tag is printed with a dynamic QR code. You customer can...

    US $0.50 FOR 2000 UNITS
    In Stock

S.O.S. Lost Pets

Get a return ticket for your lost pet.
Visit www.soslostpets.com


    More than 200 000 Customers trust S.O.S. Lost Pets

    Dogs are social animals, so sooner or later, your runaway pet will be spotted by someone! We make sure this person can take contact with the owner of the lost pet as quickly and easily as possible.

  • The S.O.S. Lost Pets platform

    A comprehensive communication platform

    Our primary objective at S.O.S. Lost Pets is to establish the contact between the owner and the finder. We use all possible communication channels: Phone, Email, Message text and App notifications!


    Easy to register, respectful of your privacy.

    Register your tag and your pet easily on soslostpets.com or directly over the phone on our toll free number 1.800.542.0140. If so many customers trust our service, it is because we repect their privacy and do not use their personal information.

  • QR CODES ?

    Make it easier for your pet finder

    The S.O.S. Lost Pets QR codes can be read by any smartphone and will open your pet's microsite. You manage the information directly from your account on S.O.S. Lost Pets and decide what data you want to display or not. That makes life easier for the finder of your lost pet.

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What's in the package

No suprise, or hidden cost, what you see is what you get.

The tags

Designed by you in the configurator.

The fasteners

A 18 mm split ring.

The strip-pak

Band of semi detachable cells (100 tags).

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